Hello friends! I thought I start this page to share something a little bit more personal with you. I will be blogging small updates about what Kandila By Jem has been up to and hope to inspire people.  


4th of July Marketplace

JULY 2021: We just had our very first vendor's event and it was nerve racking at first, but we made it! My best friend and my family were there to support me and it was a very special day. Fourth of July was probably not the very best weekend to choose, because everyone was pretty much out of town so there were not a lot a lot of people. I would say just decent amount because we still made the $$$ wooo hooo! The set up may look so simple, but oh my you really have to be organize. Good thing we didn't forget a single thing. This experience definitely taught us a lot. (Lots of things going on behind and under that table!)

instagram giveaway

MAY 2021: What a great time to start our first social media giveaway! Mother's Day is always something special to celebrate. As a mom myself, I think mothers deserve a little something- things like this makes us smile and feel appreciated! We look forward to giving away more in the future so don't forget to follow us @kandilabyjem and get all future updates!


school fundraising 

APRIL 2021: Kandila By Jem donated a spa basket to one of our elementary schools for a fundraising bidding. As you all know, schools rely on donations and fundraisers to get extra money for the things they need for school, classrooms, teachers and students! It was a pleasure putting something small together but with a bigger outcome. 

our first sponsorship

FALL 2020: We took our first step into giving back to our community and we decided to sponsor one of our little league team. Because of Covid19, games were not allowed, but the kids were able to practice with their friends and coaches in small groups. We felt like this was a great opportunity to turn a pandemic into something positive and help kids be on the field. It was a great decision!

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Mission & Vision

Our MISSION is to give back to our community by doing small things at a time.


Personally, I've always have my heart in helping children. I've always thought that it is so cruel how there are children all around the world living in a very unfair condition. 

My husband on the other hand, has a very special spot for homeless people. We give food as much as we can and donate what we can directly to them. 

It is our VISION to change people's lives one at a time.